deddy bike custom shop.

Meet Deddy and Iqbal, partner in crime with their 3 crews, Rizal, Komeng and Kentang. Together they runs a bike workshop in downtown of Bandung. It’s amazingly surprised how this small workshop can create tons of brilliant bike works. Their customer came not only from Bandung, but also from other Indonesia cities and overseas country like Singapore, Germany and Australia! This place is dope, dude!!

They can turn junk into kickass masterpiece even in a tight budget and they can make 2-3 new ride daily! what a busy workshop! So if you got any problems with your ride or you wanna make a dipshit custom ride, just feel free to check their workshop and fabulous works:


jl.A.Yani no.288 next to IBCC bandung.

Ph: 022.91772123 . 081394678346 . 087822000368

We will make a review how they make a custom ride from the beginning very soon! stay tune, fellas!


4 Responses to “deddy bike custom shop.”
  1. concorde says:

    Gnarly dudde…keep on good werk

  2. ekahmadt says:

    Nice info…I like this post very much!
    Gambarnya OK banget!!!!

    dont forget to visit my page

  3. edwin says:

    can’t stand to owned pieces of awesome bike

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